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About Distinguished Golf Destinations

Developed by industry leaders, BoardRoom magazine and Forbes Travel Guide, the Distinguished Golf Destinations award is the most prestigious and valuable designation a resort, semi private, daily fee or public golf course can achieve.

The Distinguished Golf Destinations award program is not a popularity contest where industry insiders simply decide who makes the cut behind the scenes.  Instead, Distinguished Golf Destination status is earned through a process where every aspect of your facilities, course(s), and operation are evaluated against the most important of all measures: Golf Experience.

For the past 25 years, Boardroom magazine has been informing and educating private club leadership, resorts and management companies on the most important issues facing the industry. Boardroom Magazine has the distinction of being voted as the number one publication and the most influential within the private club industry with a strategic relationship with the PGA of America, Boardroom magazine is delivered to every PGA professional. 

There are awards for the best golf courses, the best pro shops and driving ranges, but there is only one award that recognizes resorts, semi private, daily fee and public courses for the overall Golf Experience.  


Through the Distinguished Golf Destinations award program, BoardRoom magazine has brought its profound knowledge of the golf industry and its extensive study of Member Experience at private clubs and made it available to resorts, semi private,  daily fee and public courses. 

Key Features of the Distinguished Golf Destinations Award Program


Merit-Based Awarding

Distinguished Golf Destinations is the only merit-based award program for resorts, semi private, daily fee & public golf courses, where awarding is determined by an impartial formulaic assessment, rather than a mere peer-based vote of industry insiders.

In-Person, Onsite Surveys

Onsite survey visits conducted by highly-qualified Distinguished Golf Destinations professionals ensure in-person verification of essential assessment criteria.

Member Experience as a Measured Criteria

Only the Distinguished Clubs and Distinguished Golf Destinations award programs use measured Member Experience as a foundational criteria in its awarding determinations.


Recognition for Facilities and Management

Not only are resorts, semi private, daily fee & public golf courses awarded, Distinguished Golf Destinations also recognize department leaders for their contributions toward this achievement.


The Hallmark of Excellence

Distinguished Golf Destination status is the preeminent standard bearing distinction of excellence in the resort, semi private, daily fee & public golf course industry.


Elite Peer Group

Distinguished Golf Destination recognition grants resort, semi private, daily fee & public golf course stake holders’ inclusion in and access to an elite group of the most well regarded leaders in the industry.

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