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Golf Experienced Defined

For resorts, semi-private, daily fee & public golf courses that operate at the highest standards, BoardRoom magazine’s Distinguished Golf Destination awards program uses a specific rating system that recognizes the golf course, the facility, and its’ management and staff based on a proprietary criteria validation process that distills and measures Golf Experience.


The rating system used by Distinguished Golf Destinations is different from any that have come before, so that now the golf industry has the means to identify the top resorts, semi-private, daily fee & public golf courses on the most important aspect: Golf Experience.


The Distinguished Golf Destinations award program is a thorough process that effectively distills and then measures a facility’s Golf Experience, based on our proprietary formula:


Product Quality plus

Intangible Quality plus

Facility Quality plus

Management Quality plus

Service Quality

or simply



As indicated in the graphic, PQ (Product Quality) and IQ (Intangible Quality) are weighted more heavily relative to the other “Quality Criteria” in the Distinguished Golf Destinations formula, as they have the most influence on the overall Golf Experience a facility provides.


In addition to achieving Distinguished Golf Destination status, some facilities may qualify for an “EXCEPTIONAL”, “ELITE”, or “ICONIC” designation based on specific and definitive criteria. A partial list of such criteria includes:


• Must clearly be viewed as in the top echelons of local, regional, and national recognition - (ELITE).


• Key leadership team and staff demonstrate superior training and experience - (ELITE).


• Must have been founded at least 35 years ago - (ICONIC).

• Must have held important local, regional, and national golf championships, or other major events - (ICONIC).

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