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Qualifications to Participate in the Distinguished Golf Destinations Award Program

Step 1: Committee Nomination: In order for a destination resort, semi private, daily fee or public course to participate in the Distinguished Golf Destinations award program, your facility must first be officially nominated by the Distinguished Golf Destinations Nomination Committee, a diverse group comprised of some of the most highly-regarded leaders in the industry. This letter is to inform you that your facility has been nominated for 2021.

Step 2: Site Visit: To determine whether your facility qualifies and thereby enabling it to become a part of the Distinguished Golf Destination program, we’ll need to schedule an onsite visit for a Distinguished Golf Destination Executive that requires approximately 4-6 hours. We will tour the facility, experience a meal, and meet with key department heads individually. An onsite visit is conducted to validate the many contributing facets of each “Quality Criteria” that collectively comprises a facility’s overall Golf Experience. The upfront fee for this step is $995 (a flat fee that includes travel expenses for the Distinguished Golf Destinations survey executive).

Step 3: Formulaic Audit: After compiling the onsite survey visit data and an assessment process that takes approximately 60 days, Distinguished Golf Destinations personnel apply the proprietary formula to distill and quantify your facility’s unique Golf Experience quotient. If Distinguished Golf Destination status is by chance not confirmed, there are no other fees involved and the process is concluded.

Step 4: Award & Recognition: On the other hand, if your facility’s Exceptional Golf Experience is confirmed at or above the threshold levels, then your facility receives recognition as a Distinguished Golf Destination along with individual department leadership recognition, and thereby commits to participate in the complete Distinguished Golf Destinations program.


Step 5: Yearly Renewal Verification: Participation in the program after the Verification is an additional $2500 for the first year ($2995 yearly thereafter if you qualify). Alternatively, you can make two payments per year. Alternating year to year onsite survey visits and telephone-based interviews with management are required to maintain Distinguished Golf Destination status.

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